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Updated: 25.06.2018, 10:22 Póvoa Nova

To become ‘Us’, I need You, Me and Others to join into an Eco community

So it is just me, Jeroen Willem Born (1964), a single uncle from a large Dutch family, my cat Doerak and occasionally a volunteer or two at the same time. When referring to ‘us’, this is the reason why. Hereunder I will explain my path towards this point, my wish for starting an eco community, and how you can get involved or have your stay here at Regada Permaculture.

  • Dominica 2006
  • 3 Rivers with Jem Winston
  • Le Moulin, France

How I became a ‘permaculturist’

Better: ‘junior permaculturist’, because you never stop learning. I am autodidact and do not have a ‘PDC’ certificate of such kind. I believe in learning by doing it! The ‘trial and error’-method.

It probably started in 2006 when I became a volunteer at ‘3 Rivers Eco Lodge’ in Dominica, West Indies, Caribbean. I found myself again without a job in the Netherlands and was feeling more and more uncomfortable in the ‘ratrace’ and consumer society and paying more and more bills. This is where my dream started to evolve and wish for my own ‘eco camping’ one day in the future. Over the following years, I did still struggle with another next job or study and in the meantime had this alternative life abroad as a parttime (eco) volunteer.

During these stays the term ‘permaculture’ kept on popping up and the whole concept of a more sustainable way of living together and taking care of this planet for now and for our children instantly seemed to make sense and that assumption kept being confirmed the more I looked into it. Since then I have read numerous books on the subject and YouTube is also a good source. I especially admire Sepp Holzer at the Krameterhof, the rebel eco-farmer from Austria and the YouTube channel from Morag Gamble: Our Permaculture Life.

Finally after more than 10 years later, I got the opportunity to sell my apartment in Amsterdam and buy a piece of land in Portugal to start my own Permaculture life. And here we are now!

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