• Regada location


Updated: 27.06.2018, 09:50 Póvoa Nova

Regada is an ‘off-the-grid’ diverse agricultural 1,5 ha of land near the village of Póvoa Nova (Seia, Guarda), at the foot of the Serra da Estrela, National Parque, Central Portugal

It has an abundance of water: waterfalls, stream, small and larger plunge pools, water mine, irrigation cave, solid granite irrigation channels, springs and other permaculture desirable features: terraces for agriculture, natural water source, plenty of sunshine per year, a forest area, many living space for creativity and community buildings and homes, fruit trees, animals, bee keeping, etc.

The next step in the Permaculture Design is to closely observe this location how it dictates the need for elements to be arranged so they can create functional interconnections.