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Eco community

Updated: 28.06.2018, 07:33 Póvoa Nova

Now more than ever, people around the planet are in search of new, sustainable models for life

Eco-villages and ecological communities are emerging as a viable alternative where people can live together in cooperation and harmony with nature.

My life goal is to start a small eco-community based on the principles of permaculture: caring for the Planet, the People and sharing our Abundance.

The main importants is being self-sufficient in natural water and energy (solar, wind, water turbine), grow our own crops and building green.

A community based on permaculture without political or religious purpose or lifestyle. And don't forget to be creative together. But also a lot of space and time for yourself. We take decisions together democratically.

Why now start an eco-community? Together we can
achieve so much more. That is why I am in search of people with the same mindset. Most likely it will be a cooperative.

“Regada” has the following to meet these needs: terraces for agriculture, natural water source, plenty of sunshine per year, a forest area, many living space for creativity and community buildings and homes, fruit trees, animals, bee keeping, etc.

I'm looking for people (age is unimportant, if you're just mentally and physically healthy and are willing to join NOW) want to live in nature and want to say goodbye to "the old, polluting and negative world" which has become our consumption society nowadays.

You are open- and eco-minded, are familiar with the (basic) principles of permaculture or you are willing to learn about it, are multi-skilled. It is certainly useful if someone is able to build "green" (e.g. straw bale, Earthship, cobhouses, tree-houses, renovation, etc.) have advanced and/or experience with permaculture design, a (chef) cook for vegetarian and vegan diets and occasionally can slaughter a chicken, a beekeeper, a carpenter, your special skill?

The aim is that we are self-sufficient for at least 75%. So perhaps we also want to generate other products or services for income. You may want to hold workshops in your own area and we sell or exchange our products for example bread, cheese, eggs, soap, etc.

If you are interested and/or have your own ideas, please contact me via social media or join the conversation here-under.