• Regada's Mission statement


Updated: 27.06.2018, 09:27 Póvoa Nova

Our mission for 2018 & 2019

For basic facilities to be largely in place before next winter we need to create and install a platform for the (winter accommodation) 5 wall Mongolian Yurt. Meanwhile we can renovate/improve and insulate the main building (a ‘Rustic’ barn) and making it at least waterproof and safe to live in with a kitchen area and (hot water) shower for the colder seasons.

Solar Power has been successfully installed.

A 4 x 1000 liter IBC storage watertanks must be installed to provide water for washing and cooking at the main house, irrigation for the dry North/East facing terrace (zone 0 and 1 in Permaculture Design) and for the new multipurpose Green House (25 m2). The watertanks will also provide water for fire protection and prevention.

A Ram Pump has been made to distribute the water from the stream up the hill. One watertank has now been installed as a stand-alone in the center of zone 1 to irrigate the edible garden.

The Green House could also facilitate the passive solar shower and/or also as an outdoor shower. Also we need to construct a shelter for the new to be designed dry compost toilet.

Fuel for warmth
At the moment there is one wood burner for heating in the main house. Cooking is still done by gas bottles. For the heating we need to gather and obtain enough wood and also keeping it dry during the cold and wet seasons. So we also need to construct a shelter for the wood.

Growing ’soil’
We have a strongly till moderate acidic soil (5.1 - 6.0 pH). Our soil improvement is focused on nutrient cycling via mulching, composting, green manure and liquid feeds. Soil conservation is done by using swales, terraces and raised beds.