• Regada's Mission statement


Updated: 26.12.2018, 08:48 Póvoa Nova

Our mission for 2019 & 2020

Achievements in 2018
Looking back and reflecting on 2018: this was my first year or season at Regada. It has been interesting and a constant learning curve. I had the privilege of welcoming seven volunteers and four guests. Before the first volunteer arrived, I successfully installed the Solar energy.
Together with the volunteers we have built and/or constructed the water catchment around the main house, constructed a toilet house plus the box for the compost toilet, made significally progress in the building of the green house. One IBC tank is also now semi-permanent been installed at the top of the garden for irrigation and for the time being to supply us of drinking water (we still boil it to be on the safe side).
A first layer of insulation has been put on the ceiling of the main house. Also I constructed and installed the downstairs wooden door. A temporary kitchen module has been made and a temporary shelter for the generator.
Enough wood has been gathered at-least to be enough far into 2019. A wood shelter has also been made.

Mission 2019
This has been postponed but there are two high priority projects for 2019:
- Accommodation for volunteers: I want to create and install a platform for the Volunteer and Guests accommodation: type of construction still to be decided. Furthermore it is needed to install a Passive Solar Shower;
- Greenhouse: make it ready for basic use inclusive a ‘heat sink’.

Several projects for 2019 and beyond (randomly):
- Chicken housing and needs for safe, clean and cozy care;
- New wooden door plus double glazing window, upstairs;
- Double glazing window in front of the existing single glazed window;
- Two skylights;
- Cold & warm water distribution and filtration;
- Grey water leakage field distribution;
- Installing Range cooker plus working tops (mobile kitchen units);
- Cork insulation inside roof;
- Downstairs: new solid floor, drainage, service pipes, etc.;
- 2x small windows closing ‘holes’ in the wall downstairs;
- Battery & genset technical shelter / small shed;
- Stairway up/down;
- Finishing green house for basic use (glass bottled walls added at a later period);
- Bridge over stream (loopbrug) to connect Zone 1 with 2 during the heavy rainy season once a year;
- Vermicomposting toilet (workshop);
- Basic furniture (dining table(s), shelves, cub-bards), etc.;
- Workshop building (for tools, maintenance area);
- Small Earth-ship accommodation (e.g. several workshops);
- Re-using glass bottle walls for outdoor shower and downstairs bathroom.

And the list can go on, as new ideas arise and old ones get altered.

Solar Power has been successfully installed. We need to build a small technical shelter outside the building to accommodate the 12x batteries and the back-up generator (genset).

I have four IBC tanks. Two 1000 litre IBC storage water tanks must be installed to provide water for washing, cooking and drinking at the main house plus designing the filtration for drinking water from the tap. One tank has been installed for the irrigation of the dry North/West facing terrace (zone 0 and 1 in Permaculture Design) and for the new multipurpose Green House (25 m2). The water tanks will also provide water for fire protection and prevention.

A Ram Pump has been made to distribute the water from the stream up the hill. One water tank has now been installed as a stand-alone in the centre of zone 1 to irrigate the edible garden and provide water for the bathroom facilities.

Growing plants
We urgently need to finish the green house for basic use.

Growing ’soil’
We have a strongly till moderate acidic soil (4.5 - 5.0 pH). Our soil improvement is focused on nutrient cycling via mulching, composting, green manure and liquid feeds. Soil conservation is done by using Swales, terraces and raised beds.

Basic facilities
The Green House could also facilitate the passive solar shower and/or also as an outdoor shower. We have constructed in 2018 a shelter for the new dry compost toilet. In 2019 we will add the lockable door, a washing area, and the distribution of the human urine to used for extra nitrogen (soil improvement). The last tank will be used for a future Vermicomposting (flush) toilet.