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Green House (25 m2)

Green House 25m2
Although you might think that Portugal has a sunny and warm climate all year long, here in Central we also experience having snow, a few months of rain, strong gusts of wind, storms, an intensive sun, etc. So the need for a green house to grow food all year long in a controlled environment was an obvious choice for Regada. In April 2018 I started with some sketches but also wanted to integrate the remaining of my burnt trailer (destroyed during the Fire Storms of October 2017).

Harvesting rainwater

Rainwater harvesting summary
During the winter of 2017/2018, and being my first winter here at Regada, I noticed that three out of the four walls on this 70 m2 ‘rustic barn’ lets the rain water come sipping in or at least making it very damp and on some spots very wet. During the winter I started on the inside of repairing the walls (well at least the lower level) which are granite stone walls. They have very old and bad joints and not to mention a lot of lose stones.
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