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Freezer converted into Fridge

Faced with a mild winter this season (2018/2019), I am experiencing a challenge with the stratification of seeds that need a dormant period of sometimes up to 90 days or more. The ideal temperature should be below 4 degrees Celsius. Now, March 2019, it is sometimes above 15 degrees C.(!).
So we have to come up with a solution. I want to use a chest freezer, because they are better insulated than a fridge and furthermore the door is at the top and thus the cooled air does not escape as quick as a front door device. But how can we keep the temperature on fridge level? So between 1 to 5 degrees C.?

Green House (25 m2)

Green House 25m2
Although you might think that Portugal has a sunny and warm climate all year long, here in Central we also experience having snow, a few months of rain, strong gusts of wind, storms, an intensive sun, etc. So the need for a green house to grow food all year long in a controlled environment was an obvious choice for Regada. In April 2018 I started with some sketches but also wanted to integrate the remaining of my burnt trailer (destroyed during the Fire Storms of October 2017).

Harvesting rainwater

Rainwater harvesting summary
During the winter of 2017/2018, and being my first winter here at Regada, I noticed that three out of the four walls on this 70 m2 ‘rustic barn’ lets the rain water come sipping in or at least making it very damp and on some spots very wet. During the winter I started on the inside of repairing the walls (well at least the lower level) which are granite stone walls. They have very old and bad joints and not to mention a lot of lose stones.

Hydraulic Ram Pump

Despite Regada being a site with an abundance of water flowing through via a stream, springs, wells, irrigation canals and waterfalls, etc., on the South & West flank of the property it is lacking this life bringing liquid… Except for a lower terrace which is adjacent the stream. So I had to find a way to pump up the water without using electra from the stream and harvest (storage) it on a higher point and then distributing it by gravity.

We got power!

Finally after months of analyzing, selecting, calculating, ordering, installing, missing parts, replacing parts, genset not starting, miscommunication with supplier, etc etc, we have the Solar energy up-and-running. No more sitting by poor light, not using heavy tools etc. You only realize after having no electricity what you miss in and around your small holding.
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