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This element performs many functions

  • bark burnt scub
  • raisedbed border poles
  • kindling
Here at the foot of the Serra da Estrala, there is a scrub that I only know in its ‘burnt’ status unfortunately. According to the locals it had many flowers that attracted a lot of bees. There are an abondance now of these burnt scrubs around and on the access road to Regada.

For me this is an element in the Permaculture Design that has shown to have many functions this first season, but it will not be one of a perpetuated kind, as hopefully a next fire storm will be over ten years or more. You can say the relative location has given me a good start out of something as some would described as a ‘bad’ thing. But a bush fire is also something that occurs within nature.

First (1) of all I use this scrub for bordering my new raised beds. As poles and the thinner end pieces for weaving (2) between them. The third (3) function is that the bigger pieces and the very thin small pieces remain to be used as kindling for the wood burner.

Whilst pointing the poles the rest product (4) ends up in the sawdust bucket for the dry compost toilet.

At the back of the raised beds, these poles and border will create (5) shade for the raised bed behind this one in front of it, as they are on a North facing slope.

Function no.6 is that I use the poles for name tagging my plants.

And maybe function no.7 is that it kept me warm gathering and chopping and putting it all together and above all a very rewarding job!

Can you think of more functions?