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Freezer converted into Fridge

  • Heager-freezer
  • Inkbird Temperature Controller
  • Temperature probe
Faced with a mild winter this season (2018/2019), I am experiencing a challenge with the stratification of seeds that need a dormant period of sometimes up to 90 days or more. The ideal temperature should be below 4 degrees Celsius. Now, March 2019, it is sometimes above 15 degrees C.(!).
So we have to come up with a solution. I want to use a chest freezer, because they are better insulated than a fridge and furthermore the door is at the top and thus the cooled air does not escape as quick as a front door device. But how can we keep the temperature on fridge level? So between 1 to 5 degrees C.?
Simply by using a temperature controller. The probe hangs inside the freezer and detects if the temperature is rising above 5 degrees C. and will switch on the freezer to cool it down again.

I am using a temperature controller from Inkbird, type ITC-308