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Green House (25 m2)

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Although you might think that Portugal has a sunny and warm climate all year long, here in Central we also experience having snow, a few months of rain, strong gusts of wind, storms, an intensive sun, etc. So the need for a green house to grow food all year long in a controlled environment was an obvious choice for Regada. In April 2018 I started with some sketches but also wanted to integrate the remaining of my burnt trailer (destroyed during the Fire Storms of October 2017).

The ideal spot is on a strategic location near the stream and thus also near the bridge to the other side. Also situated against a granite stone wall which at the bottom an irrigation runs through. Hence bringing water inside the green house, but also some coolness during hot summer months. I want to investigate and then maybe implement a Subterranean Heating and Cooling System (SHCS).
Update 05-03-2019: I have found a nice ‘heat sink’ solution, only using an old computer fan and one small PV panel; All of which I have laying around so at low expense.

The foundation/base are cement blocks on top of re-used ramble. The frame, as earlier mentioned are the remaining of the trailer and also my own round wood and the covering will firstly be plastic, but later on can be replaced with salvaged glass or re-used windows.

Update: 06-jun-18
Building has stopped because of rainy weather and no volunteers at the current moment. Meanwhile starting on the Dry Compost Toilet house annex the Solar shower adjacent the green house which has a central location on the property. They are getting priority as these are basic facilities.

Update: 05-mar-19
Building has continued… just by me. Almost completed the wooden construction and I am aiming for covering it up with green house plastic*, installing wooden frames inside, before the first of April.
*temporary solution (will be re-using glass bottles, re-used windows).