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Harvesting rainwater

  • Harvesting rainwater
During the winter of 2017/2018, and being my first winter here at Regada, I noticed that three out of the four walls on this 70 m2 ‘rustic barn’ lets the rain water come sipping in or at least making it very damp and on some spots very wet. During the winter I started on the inside of repairing the walls (well at least the lower level) which are granite stone walls. They have very old and bad joints and not to mention a lot of lose stones.

So my main goal for the outside walls to prevent them being engulfed again with rainwater was coming up with some drainage solution. The two solutions was basically the same method was to harvest the rain or from roof level or ground level. I choose for several reasons the latter. To maintain the ‘rustic’ look of the barn, it would be more aesthetically and more fun to make on ground level. This way I could reuse the ramble laying outside from previous renovations done by the former owners and two I could incorporate mosaic that was dumped on my access road by locals.

On learning new skills it was for me also a good practice to use different kinds of cement* mixes for joinery and concrete to support the ‘walking over’ areas.

*Using cement: I know the use of cement is debatable amongst ecologist and general building green groups of people, but reality here in Portugal is that they are 30 years behind us in the ‘North’ in thinking green or having (these) ‘eco’ building materials for sale and so I would have to order and let it be transported from e.g. Spain, France, Belgium or Germany of eco materials, is to expensive for my budget and the small amounts that are used are negligible. Cement is in general a natural and beautiful product. It is just that it is been abused by using so much of it worldwide.