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Despite Regada being a site with an abundance of water flowing through via a stream, springs, wells, irrigation canals and waterfalls, etc., on the South & West flank of the property it is lacking this life bringing liquid… Except for a lower terrace which is adjacent the stream. So I had to find a way to pump up the water without using electra from the stream and harvest (storage) it on a higher point and then distributing it by gravity.

So the challenge was without electricity, so therefor a Ram Pump came into the picture. I had read and watched numerous videos on this subject, and now I had the opportunity to make one.

What is a Ram Pump? A Ram Pump is a hydraulic water pump without the need of using electra or any other power source. You need obviously a stream or river and 7 feet (approx. >2 mtr) fall to head and an uphill location where you want to have the water. This is needed for the necessary back pressure. Ram Pumps can go up to 7x the head of fall (approx. >15 mtr.).

The ram pump has proven itself and can harvest for example 4000 liter into watertanks in just over two days (52 hours).

The watertanks are one of my next projects. I have already purchased 5 IBC tanks. Four will be used on the South / West side of the property, and one reserve for the Passive Solar Tiny House (or Earthship, I have not decided yet), on the North / East flank or terrace of the property. Another project…

I make and sell Ram Pumps now, so if you need one and you live in Central Portugal, please drop me a message or check the new Farm Shop (if not, it will be up soon). An assembled Ram Pump is mainly from brass parts and I make the pump in size 1 1/4” on the drive pipe end till 3/4” on the distribution side. That said, I do strongly recommend you make one yourself. A very helpful site is Land to House including a ‘How to’ and ‘materials list’. All the parts can be purchased at your local hardware stores.

For SUPPORT on the Ram Pump, please consult the comments on the above mentioned website or on hereunder. If you can not find your answer here, please contact me on the e-mail and phone number mentioned to you in the Receipt e-mail purchased order.