Updated: 27.06.2018, 07:55 Póvoa Nova

Projects vary from Permaculture Design, building green and the edible forest garden

Roughly identified there a three major areas or subjects, but they all relate and are strangled in to each other. They are:
1) Permaculture Design
2) Edible Forest
3) Building Green
I will use these categories but also use numerous tags in my postings to narrow down searching, but that all the separate functions, systems and elements are separate to be covered and investigated.

Permaculture Design

Observing, observing, observing, is mainly what I have been doing since I bought this land end of 2017. And observing continues and never stops! Followed by analyzing systems and patterns ~ Identifying functions ~ Choosing systems and elements ~ Placement and integration.

The functions that are relevant to my design are:
Accommodation, shelter, privacy, warmth, play area, food production, soil conservation, soil improvement, leisure time, energy production, windbreak, water supply, irrigation, access, drainage, waste water treatment, fuel supply, wildlife habitat, fodder, woodland management, education, community integration, cash income, etc.

Building Green

An alternative, or green, home or for any other purpose building is built with an understanding of how the specific site can match the needs of the owners or community and result in a dwelling that is attractive and environmentally responsible.


Edible Forest Garden

Forest gardening is a novel way of growing edible crops - nature does most of the work for us. A forest garden is modelled on young natural woodland, with a wide range of crops grown in different vertical layers, with little need for digging, weeding, or pest control. Species are chosen for their beneficial effects on each other, forming a healthy system that maintains its own fertility, and also creating a beautiful space.