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Hydraulic Ram Pump

Hydraulic Ram Pump, size 1 1/4” drive, mainly brass, 3/4” distribution

Regada Hydraulic Ram Pump

- No power needed!
- Pumps 4000 liter in just two days
- Low maintenance
- Easy to operate
- An eco solution
- You need to add your own 1 1/4” drive and 3/4” distribution pipe
- Create a platform for more stability

What is a Ram Pump? A Ram Pump is a hydraulic water pump without the need of using a power engine on diesel, gasoline or solar. You need obviously a stream or river and 7 feet (approx. >2 mtr) fall to head and an uphill location where you want to have the water. This is needed for the necessary back pressure. Ram Pumps can go up to 7x the head of fall (approx. >15 mtr.).

Especially after the fire storms October 2017, more people are wanting to have various spots for having water to use in case of a fire, or just use for irrigation for your trees, scrubs and/or veggie garden.

Pick-up after placing order: 3 weeks - Póvoa Nova, Seia, Guarda.

Warning: For safety reasons (fraude) we do ask you to fill in your address.

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