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There are several ways you can support my one man attempt in living in a more sustainable way, by volunteering (Yeah!, yes please!), swapping or buying from my future farm shop, ordering products or services online, book your eco-life permaculture educational stay here (donation based) or making a small donation now. Your donation is your future ‘discount’ if you ever stay with us.

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Donate €5 …or more ;)


Why support Regada Permaculture?

At the moment still a start-up (2018), so there is little food to harvest, swap or sell at the local markets. I am very much in the building and renovating stadium. I started making Ram Pumps and hope that will generate some income for the coming season.

But you can also support the Regada Permaculture startup by visiting, staying or purchasing from the Farm shop.

It has been quite a journey since my childhood here on this picture on one of our boat trips from or to Australia. Together with my brothers and sisters in our ‘old shoe’. Often I felt being a monk in my soul searching and purpose in life. Came along a dream cloud I made in 2011. Watch out for what you dream for, because dreams can become reality!

Being an amateur artist gave me often a sense of comfort. Meanwhile struggling in what to be in Amsterdam. Tried being an eco painter, but being a good amateur home painter is something completely different than a professional painter. I was okay, but still… my dream for my own eco-dwelling remained. See also ‘About Us…’

I was a ‘fire victim’ here in Portugal, but consider myself very lucky that only my trailer was destroyed. The same day I was also a ‘Fire fighter’, fighting the fire in my own village of Póvoa Nova.

The granite house with a new roof survived. The time after this has been dark. Other people lost their lives, homes, livestock, and/or loved ones. I was often depressed. It looked like a war zone.

Now more than six months later I am doing fine. Receiving regularly volunteers for helping me here with building and renovating, planting trees and scrubs, making fun together, we are alive!

So why donate? I try to keep the living costs low and I am still a far way from being at least 75% self sufficient, but there are the basic needs, buying trees and scrubs, herbs, flowers, seeds, thus creating an edible forest garden, building materials, fuel for the car, health care, animal care, investments in future accommodations, that do costs hard cash and volunteers need to eat too…

I do promise that your donation is your discount in the future if you stay here at an accommodation, or follow a workshop.

Obrigado and hope to meet you some day,

Bank account no.

You can use the donation button, but both Paypal and Stripe take fee from the amount so maybe a bank transfer has zero costs.

My bankaccount is at Caixadirecta (CGD), the National Bank of Portugal:

IBAN: PT50 0035 0756 00052655 030 30
Name: Jeroen Willem Born
Domicile: Póvoa Nova

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